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Private Schools in Denver Discover one of Colorado’s best kept secrets When you think of private schools in Denver, Valor Christian, Mullen, Kent Denver, St Mary’s Academy and Denver Christian High School are a few that come to mind. These are all top private schools in Colorado, but is a large, expensive, and possibly exclusive school the best choice for your family?

A smaller, more affordable choice, and one of Denver’s best kept private school secrets is Mile High Academy. Since 1964, Mile High Academy has been sending high school graduates into the world better for having spent some or all of their elementary, middle and high school years here. Located just slightly off the beaten path in south Denver, Mile High Academy is a preschool through 12th grade Christian school. Thanks to the devotion of many teachers, parents, and administrators, this school has been a positive force in shaping young lives and an important part of many families

A lot has changed in 48 years but one thing remains the same… Mile High Academy is a place where academic, social and physial growth intersect with the amazing grace of our Lord.

Nurturing and inspiring Balance is key at Mile High Academy. Our students enjoy an environment of Christian love and support. Excelling in academics, athletics and music, while developing a strong sense of integrity. Our close-knit community results in students encouraging and helping each other rather than competing against their peers.

Our students Our students come from all over the metro area, including Littleton, Aurora, Thornton, Northglenn, Westminster, Castle Rock, and Parker. One family commutes all the way from Colorado Springs. We enjoy a racially and culturally diverse student body that includes a group of exchange students from Korea. Thanks to our lower tuition, financial aid and private school scholarships, we are not an exclusive group.

Our teachers With a student to teacher ratio of 13-1, students are never lacking for help and teachers have enough time to interact with their students in and out of the classroom. Thankfully, our teachers enjoy spending time with their students as demonstrated by the extracurricular activities they voluntarily plan and participate in throughout the school year.

Academics Mile High has a long established record of academic excellence. Test scores on the Iowa Test of Basic Skills (ITBS) for elementary students, Iowa Test of Educational Development (ITED) for high school students, and ACT/SAT scores for high school students are consistently above the regional and national averages. Like many private schools in Denver, Mile High has an honors program that focuses on critical thinking and college level preparatory skills.

Extracurricular Extracurricular opportunities including music, missions, and sports are available to students and unlike larger private or public schools, participation in more than one extra activity is possible and even encouraged. Mile High’s soccer, basketball and volleyball teams are full of talented athletes. Our teams are always competitive even when playing against much larger high schools in Denver, Colorado.

Thanks to the coaching they receive here at Mile High, many of our athletes are recruited to play on local club and small college teams.

College bound We are proud of the fact that 98% of our graduates go on to college. One reason for this impressive stat is our students’ participation in music festivals and athletic tournaments hosted by Christian colleges all over the US. These trips provide Christian fellowship, opportunities to meet students from other schools and valuable exposure to college life. Frequent visits to colleges throughout their high school years encourage students to stay focused on their college goals.

If you would like more information about one of the best private schools in Denver, call Brenda at 303-744-1069. In the meantime, take a minute to read what others have said about Mile High Academy. On this site you will find…parent reviews, advice from devoted Christian teachers, and some inspiring words from our students.

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