Parents and Kids Tour over this New Catholic School

Its been announce recently that the two Youngstown diocese religious schools are now turning into one school only that will be open on its refurbished Norquest Boulevard building for this coming next week in order to provide a Catholic educational learning to 265 young children in their area. Several of these parents were already on hand this coming Monday night in order to witness the opening house of this new St. Joseph and Immaculate Heart of Mary School. Both the parents and its learners will be treated in order to have a tour over this new school especially to the upgraded educational learning facilities and also provides a chance to meet the educators or teachers of this school before the classes will formally start on this school year. Its been said that this school was been made during the time that the St. Joseph and Immaculate Heart of Mary schools were already been merge on earlier years. This new school was already been housed on its former Immaculate Heart of Mary building. As of now, it already had undergone some upgrades in order to provide accommodation for about 265 kindergartens throughout this eight grade learners.

The classes of this school will start this coming Monday. According To Mrs. Fabian who got two children enrolled in this catholic school stated that this new school would be a great venue to cater huge numbers of catholic learners and the more it would be merrier for the young ones. Even though that she also experience the toughness of financial times but still it’s one of her top priority just like other catholic parents to send her kids in Catholic educational learning institutes. Since, they got some religious subjects that could along their upbringing belief as they also learn formal academics. For Mrs. Fabian, this kind of teaching approach serve as a reinforcing back of values as she also teach her children at home. In this statement, Mr. Simpson also agreed that this school provides Catholic private schools provide a stricter educational learning especially upon following catholic tradition and belief. Aside of that, teachers provide more focus and attention to each learners. As a result, they can really track on the learning process and even progress to each student.

In the scenario of this new school, the entire building was already been painted well and receive some upgraded technological facilities that includes new public address educational system, the 50 laptop computers and with some additional 30 desktop computers for the school lab. But according to Dr. Rozzo above all, the essential aspect that is quite important rather than the structure or the technological educational facilities that been brought inside the building is the positive aspects that learners will be gaining upon building and merging this new catholic school.

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