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Private schools are obliged to provide fee concession for siblings studying in the same educational institution. The Peshawar High Court promulgated an Article 106 of Chapter-IV of the nation’s Education Code implementing fee concession last Tuesday. However, several private schools were not concordant with the declaration and so they express disagreement through a written petition. Some of the petitioners include, Forward Schools, Institute of Learning and Motivation, and City School Limited. Despite united effort, the PHC bench chief and Justices rejected the writ petitions. What does fee concession imply? Under the government’s notification, first student from a family will pay full for the tuition fee but the other siblings which will be enrolled at the same school shall pay half of the tuition charge. The Pakistani government is strongly obligating private education schools to enforce such policy. The PHC bench directed parents across the province to place a formal charge with the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Director Regulatory Authority of Boards of Intermediate and Secondary Education to any educational institution not abiding the Education Code. Farman Kahatakk, Counsel for Haji Nisar, told the court regarding the Finance Act 2001, wherein the provincial government gave special concession to all private schools but did not implement the government’s notification of fee concession for siblings in the same educational institution. On the private schools appeal, the former advocate General Oazi Rashidul Haq argued with the Article 106 of Chapter-IV of the Education Code as a violation of the Constitution as well as other laws embodying private education. He pointed that such laws weren’t created after the creation of Pakistan, thus, the government has no right of issuing any of it. He stressed that the Education wasn’t mentioned in the Pakistan Adaptation of Existing Laws of 1947, West Pakistan Laws Order, 1964, Federal Laws Order, 1975, and NWFP Laws Order, 1975.

Private schools reported to be great contributors of income in a said state. The independently aided education system contributed to $54.3 billion of New York’s economy in the year 2009. Various reports were collected from different research institutions showing the significance of private schooling in the state and to its economy. The Center for Governmental Research conducted a study released by the Commission on Independent Colleges and Universities indicating a 21,000 direct and indirect employment and a payroll of more than $1 billion. Statewide reports show that there are about 33,000 students enrolled in various private colleges while 100 of private higher education providers employed 360,200—and a payroll of $19.56 billion. The analysis included two private universities – Cornell University and the University of Rochester as top state employers of 2009. Despite on-going recession, private schools have been anchoring New York’s economy. The direct impact of the global economic rundown was obvious, however, private schools continued to grow – from $47.5 billion in 2007 into $54.3 in the year 2009. When times got harder, private schools provided a diverse base of higher education for the state aside from large revenues. Private schools in the capital region directly spent $1.43 billion on instruction, administrative and ancillary services as well as other academic medical centers. They also made direct and induced spending of $1.24 billion which is paid to employees – spent locally. Also, private colleges and universities spent as much as $532 million on employer’s salary and construction wage – along with $480 million induced and indirect spending while students and visitors spent $145 million – with $121 million worth of induced and indirect spending. Definitely, private schools in New York became a formidable business – inducing competition, technology, and economic development, according to economists Kajal Lahiri. He compares the situation with the University at Albany, where he is a professor, how it came to impact the economy of the region.

Private schools are self-funded and do not rely on government support. The life blood of theses private education provider is the student’s tuition fee. But could it be possible that the government provide financial support for poor and low performing school students to be enrolled in private schools instead of allocating huge budgets on low-performing schools? Private schools are renowned as standard schools as well as blue ribbon education institutions. This is because of the sufficient fund they can generate through collecting expensive tuition fees. On the other hand, public schools are facing shortage due to enormous budget cuts. Meanwhile, against all odds alternatives have been initiated such as increasing the class size—which in turn not very favorable for students and far from the class structure of private schools. Will it be wise and practical to simply phase out low-performing public schools and transfer those students in private schools? Looking at the education experience, private education might be the best alternative for the problem. Regarding public schools, low-performing schools are part of the budget and to phase them off can be a good solution. Those pupils which are enrolled at such schools needs more than what they are learning for the meantime. Giving them the opportunity to experience a thorough and specialized education might increase the chances of graduation and decrease the number of drop outs. Moreover, the government could employ agreements on private schools to offer discounts and places for poor children. This could cut down the cost of sustaining low-performing schools as well as prevent the class size expansion. Expanding the sizes is very risky for the students. Teachers will have more work to do and the attention given will definitely mark down. These possibilities are very alarming and could not be traded off by cutting down the budget cuts for schools.


the increasing number of parents inclined in sending their children unto private unaided schools couldn’t be stopped. Despite the global recession, parents are determined to give their children what they consider as “the best of education”. As compared by the South African Institute for Race Relations, the number of students in private schools had increased into 50 percent while only 1.6 percent for public schools. The research indicated back in the year 2000 there were 11.6 million students attending government schools and drastically increased into 11.8 million in the year 2009. On the other hand private school attendance went to 386,098 from 256,283 in 2009. North West came to be the highest decline rate ever recorded for public school attendance—at exactly 15 percent, Eastern Cape enrollment decreased by 5 percent, 14 percent in Free State and 9 percent in Limpopo. On the other hand, Northern Cape made the greatest increase in public school enrollment between 2000 and 2009 increasing up to 35 percent. However, repots were relatively low base since pupils attending public schools in the province only accounts to 2 percent of the public school students of South Africa. According to the researchers, the diminishing number of students in public schools only proves that parents are losing faith in government school system. It was then reported that several parents are organizing independent study for their children—a visible evidence of families diminished goodwill with the public education program of the government. Research also projected those no-fee schools in Africa account to half of all the schools in the country. No-fee schools are 55 percent of South Africa’s public schools. Meanwhile, Eastern Cape has the highest number of no-fee schools accounting to 3,699 schools. No-fee schools do not require tuition fees; there are also no fee schools in Limpopo, Free States, and KwaZulu-Natal.

Winter season has caused schools in Patna, India to remain close until January 14 as extended by the state human department. Kids are obliged to stay at home and extend their vacation for more days. The biting 5 degrees caused the extension of vacation for public and private schools in Patna. The HRD notified Sunday for schools to remain close as requested by most parents. The mandate has been approved by the state HRD principal secretary Anjani Kumar Singh. All private unaided schools as well as government schools will be opening on January 15, however, most of the private schools had classes for students of class IX and X with the reason of completing their syllabus. But Loyola High School principal, Brother Felix defended that they only extended winter breaks for juniors but accordingly, classes are now shut down for all levels. The states decision to cancel classes has been a relief for parents. Children should be indoors due to extreme cold conditions. The recorded temperature for the state capital is lower than 5 degrees Celsius while Gaya was the coldest with a dropping temperature of 2.6 degrees and a maximum of 14.8 degree Celsius. On the other side, Purnia and Bhagalpur has a recorded temperature of 6.3 and 8 degree Celsius with a maximum of 17.5 and 14.6 degrees. Meanwhile, the temperature keeps dropping in different states of India—experiencing a severe cold wave. According to IMD sources, cold waves will continue in Bihar, Uttar Pradesh, MP, Delhi, Punjab, and etc while dense fogs will be prevalent over the states in 48 hours. Originally, school days and Christmas break is to end on January 3, but due to the freezing conditions, classes were moved to January 8 and accordingly again move by the government until January 14 because of prolonged dropping temperature.

The best education is expected in private schools as well as the most expensive fees the family should pay. The US Education figure shows a $3,267 for private elementary schools nationwide. Some schools may be more expensive and heavy for some families. However, does paying high enough means quality education? Examining the path of the tuition fees collected by the private school is the only way to find out its worthiness. The following questions may follow: • Does the private school provide fast and reliable services? Such as convenience in admission and updated student account?

• Is the system automated and with prime use of computers as well as centralized management information systems?

• Is the school library equipped with updated books and modern facilities?

• Regarding the classroom, does the school provide modern educational technologies such as projectors, computers, and audio-visual widgets?

• Are the teaching staffs and professors highly qualified?

• Does the private education school bring their students in academic/extracurricular competitions and other opportunities to excel?

These are few of the evaluators of the school findings in effective utilization. Since private and independent schools do not rely on government funds, it is reasonable for the school to charge higher fees compared to public schools. However, if the private school charges higher fees but do not reflect the expected quality of education; it is advisable for the family to move their children unto other education providers. The Department of Education do not tolerate abusive private schools despite the fact that government units do not hold all powers in interfering with private education. In some countries, such as India and Australia, private schools are in battle with authority for complete independence. As a parent, check your private school if they operate based on the tuition fee charge. Other significant factors such as student performance hold the basis for the schools credibility and worthiness.

Private schools are more likely being situated on the verge of criticism and government scrutiny. Different issues are thrown on independent schools worldwide. This can range from charity and bursary matters, financial transparency, and tuition fee control. But on the other side, private schools are often considered as the provider of excellent education over other systems. Bursary and charity issues – Independent schools in UK have been scrutinized due to lack of charity work regarding to bursaries. According to law of the land, it is significant for independent education providers to offer seats for poor families. The goal is good; however, the government branch controlling charity had noticed failure of some independent schools to fulfill their obligations. On the other hand, the recession has pushed some private schools to cut budget because of low enrolment and high inflation rate. Independent and private schools do not receive funding from the government and primarily depends on parent’s tuition fees. The argument

Parents and Kids Tour over this New Catholic School

Its been announce recently that the two Youngstown diocese religious schools are now turning into one school only that will be open on its refurbished Norquest Boulevard building for this coming next week in order to provide a Catholic educational learning to 265 young children in their area. Several of these parents were already on hand this coming Monday night in order to witness the opening house of this new St. Joseph and Immaculate Heart of Mary School. Both the parents and its learners will be treated in order to have a tour over this new school especially to the upgraded educational learning facilities and also provides a chance to meet the educators or teachers of this school before the classes will formally start on this school year. Its been said that this school was been made during the time that the St. Joseph and Immaculate Heart of Mary schools were already been merge on earlier years. This new school was already been housed on its former Immaculate Heart of Mary building. As of now, it already had undergone some upgrades in order to provide accommodation for about 265 kindergartens throughout this eight grade learners.

The classes of this school will start this coming Monday. According To Mrs. Fabian who got two children enrolled in this catholic school stated that this new school would be a great venue to cater huge numbers of catholic learners and the more it would be merrier for the young ones. Even though that she also experience the toughness of financial times but still it’s one of her top priority just like other catholic parents to send her kids in Catholic educational learning institutes. Since, they got some religious subjects that could along their upbringing belief as they also learn formal academics. For Mrs. Fabian, this kind of teaching approach serve as a reinforcing back of values as she also teach her children at home. In this statement, Mr. Simpson also agreed that this school provides Catholic private schools provide a stricter educational learning especially upon following catholic tradition and belief. Aside of that, teachers provide more focus and attention to each learners. As a result, they can really track on the learning process and even progress to each student.

In the scenario of this new school, the entire building was already been painted well and receive some upgraded technological facilities that includes new public address educational system, the 50 laptop computers and with some additional 30 desktop computers for the school lab. But according to Dr. Rozzo above all, the essential aspect that is quite important rather than the structure or the technological educational facilities that been brought inside the building is the positive aspects that learners will be gaining upon building and merging this new catholic school.

Private Schools In Denver

Private Schools in Denver Discover one of Colorado’s best kept secrets When you think of private schools in Denver, Valor Christian, Mullen, Kent Denver, St Mary’s Academy and Denver Christian High School are a few that come to mind. These are all top private schools in Colorado, but is a large, expensive, and possibly exclusive school the best choice for your family?

A smaller, more affordable choice, and one of Denver’s best kept private school secrets is Mile High Academy. Since 1964, Mile High Academy has been sending high school graduates into the world better for having spent some or all of their elementary, middle and high school years here. Located just slightly off the beaten path in south Denver, Mile High Academy is a preschool through 12th grade Christian school. Thanks to the devotion of many teachers, parents, and administrators, this school has been a positive force in shaping young lives and an important part of many families

A lot has changed in 48 years but one thing remains the same… Mile High Academy is a place where academic, social and physial growth intersect with the amazing grace of our Lord.

Nurturing and inspiring Balance is key at Mile High Academy. Our students enjoy an environment of Christian love and support. Excelling in academics, athletics and music, while developing a strong sense of integrity. Our close-knit community results in students encouraging and helping each other rather than competing against their peers.

Our students Our students come from all over the metro area, including Littleton, Aurora, Thornton, Northglenn, Westminster, Castle Rock, and Parker. One family commutes all the way from Colorado Springs. We enjoy a racially and culturally diverse student body that includes a group of exchange students from Korea. Thanks to our lower tuition, financial aid and private school scholarships, we are not an exclusive group.

Our teachers With a student to teacher ratio of 13-1, students are never lacking for help and teachers have enough time to interact with their students in and out of the classroom. Thankfully, our teachers enjoy spending time with their students as demonstrated by the extracurricular activities they voluntarily plan and participate in throughout the school year.

Academics Mile High has a long established record of academic excellence. Test scores on the Iowa Test of Basic Skills (ITBS) for elementary students, Iowa Test of Educational Development (ITED) for high school students, and ACT/SAT scores for high school students are consistently above the regional and national averages. Like many private schools in Denver, Mile High has an honors program that focuses on critical thinking and college level preparatory skills.

Extracurricular Extracurricular opportunities including music, missions, and sports are available to students and unlike larger private or public schools, participation in more than one extra activity is possible and even encouraged. Mile High’s soccer, basketball and volleyball teams are full of talented athletes. Our teams are always competitive even when playing against much larger high schools in Denver, Colorado.

Thanks to the coaching they receive here at Mile High, many of our athletes are recruited to play on local club and small college teams.

College bound We are proud of the fact that 98% of our graduates go on to college. One reason for this impressive stat is our students’ participation in music festivals and athletic tournaments hosted by Christian colleges all over the US. These trips provide Christian fellowship, opportunities to meet students from other schools and valuable exposure to college life. Frequent visits to colleges throughout their high school years encourage students to stay focused on their college goals.

If you would like more information about one of the best private schools in Denver, call Brenda at 303-744-1069. In the meantime, take a minute to read what others have said about Mile High Academy. On this site you will find…parent reviews, advice from devoted Christian teachers, and some inspiring words from our students.

School Crises that been Cause by the Immigration not for the Recession

Its been noted that the educational learning institutes are under on its pressure in order to even find several places due to its recession. Based on the BBC that the quoting figures of the Local Government Association that parents are been hit by this downturn are now taking their children out from their private educational learning institutes and now increasing its demand for the state sector which is now simply untrue. In January within this year, there were about 100 fewer students in this private sector than been compared last year. What is more undeniable is that some of this portion of this nation state educational learning institutes are now under its huge pressure in order to find for its unexpected surge of numbers especially towards its primaries. But the prime reason of this is not actually the recession but the higher level of immigration towards the past seven years so that there will be no provision that will be made through the government.

Had there not been any recession this kind of pressure will still exist. Indeed, it would entirely be even greater due to the mere fact that economic boom was already attracting several foreign workers. As a result, this is quite simply for several school aged young individuals in some areas than been planned despite the falling birth rate that are already among this indigenous population and even declining its school rolls that overall. As of now, the government had already defended its open door policy towards its essence in order to fuel this economic boom but actually did not do anything in order to ensure its infrastructure that was already in place in order to cope up to its extra numbers. So as a result, trying to pretend that it’s already entirely for wealthy individuals taking their own children out for the independent sector is already quite deceit. As of now, it’s not be a good time to eases the crises this coming September. Those campus schools now have to find their places towards several children this coming autumn as been expected.

The London that been brought is now to rent over the church hall in order to teach this 90 pupils towards this new term. As a result, this situation is only getting worse especially to the mere fact that the large portion of this immigrants that already arriving now in the recent years are settling in the portion of London, the big cities of Midlands, South East, and even on the North that tends to be younger than settling to its population or even got a larger families. Its been noted that several number of births towards foreign mothers have already arisen through 65 percent ever since 2001 but only through its six percent for the UK born mothers especially to the mere fact that the portion of this births towards foreign born women that had already risen for about 17 until 24%. It’s quite already evident that Government did not do any preparation for it. Since, trains are already crowded. In which, the GP surgeries and even hospital A&E units are quite overwhelmed and the educational learning institutes are already bursting its seams. But yet, the government had already apparently without have some irony is now requiring its local councils in regards to their interest who they will be wanting to bid for this extra school financial assistance in order to have some explanation in regards to the aspect that they didn’t foresee about its concerns that they are now already facing. As a result, the government must be able to look towards its beam from its very own eye before pointing towards its mote of the eyes of others.

Increase of Private School District Revenue

This St. Vrain Valley School District will be operating dozens of restaurants. That on how will be this nutrition services director Shelly Allen have view this 43 kitchens that oversees in 42 educational learning institutes and commissary kitchens in the Main Street School where the food is entirely been prepared and delivered towards other educational learning institutes. With that, Allen have stated that its quite really challenging towards individuals upon understanding their self-supporting operations that entirely means that this nutrition services must be able to purchase this food, preparing meals, paying it through their own labor costs without using any tax money from their educational district. So, this will be an enterprise programs that been clearly making some financial resources. Especially that last year the nutrition services did not even make any profit last year. This fiscal 2009 already ended last June 30, the nutrition services had already been operating through their deficit in huge financial budget based on this campus schools for their comprehensive annual financial report.

With that, this school department are reserving upon covering this deficit towards those unrestricted for funding their balance that already been estimated. In the meantime, the breakfast and its lunch prices have already been increasing about 25cents in these educational learning institutes for the students and about $1 towards the adults. They are hoping to avoid the increasing prices of lunch in the next year to come and for that Allen have implemented some changes that includes providing foods towards this St. John the Baptists Catholic Educational Learning Institutes in been costs about $3 in their per meals plus an administrative and as well its delivery costs. There are generating some additional revenue on their way. The school district is already been using this Kitchen in this Main Street School that includes the housed Twin Peaks Charter Academy until this season in order to prepare for their meals in this Olde Columbine High School, St. Vrain Community Montessori, Columbine High School, Twin Peaks Charter School, St. John, and Lincoln School.

Allen have stated that this kitchen have already become quite even useful to them for this Twin Peaks that been moving. In the previous years, the nearby schools have also preparing these kitchen meals in their respective school campuses. Aside of that, the district are also giving this lunches towards this Imagine Charter School of Firestone but towards those that been preparing in this Prairie Ridge Elementary School due to the mere fact that this distance from this Main Street towards this Firestone. With that, this Main Street Kitchen manager with her assistant and part time employees have also cooked their foods, assembled and delivered about 4,900 meals this month and 4,000 next month. These educational learning institutes will be calling this Reigle together with their orders that they continually keep of tracking it down of this dry erase board in the kitchen. Reigle stated that managing this mane street kitchen is quite different from managing this school kitchen since they will be working with their administrators.